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Hey, I'm Mattison

A multi-certified dog trainer and behavior consultant.

Everything here is designed to help you with your dog or dog training education.  Whether you’re a guardian ready to create new channels of communication and patterns of behavior with your dog, or a trainer interested in deepening your understanding of the science behind emotional change, there’s a course or program to help you take those steps through the lens of the #openmindedapproach.  Keep scrolling to find out what steps you can take today to get started.

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Life-Changing Programs


Daily Virtual 1:1 Training

This popular life-changing program includes five days a week of virtual training touchpoints.  All communication is done asynchronously (on your own time!) throughout the day, with feedback and homework given DAILY to make frequent adjustments and accelerate progress!


Canine Behavior Mentorship

Working with big feeling dogs? In this 8-week advanced Canine Behavior Mentorship, you will:

-Go deeper into the science behind behavior and dive into changing emotions

-Learn systems to conduct thorough assessment, evaluate behavior, and provide prognosis

-Explore case plan development and delivery to provide clear communication to clients.


Finish Strong 2024

How many times have you told yourself, "I'll do it in the new year"? 

Are you tired of putting off for tomorrow what you really should be working on today?

The Finish Strong is a 12-week journey to your goals before the year is done. A less intensive, but more extended format designed to provide accountability as we drive towards the final months.

Get Help Now


30 Minute Virtual Evaluation and Action Plan delivered within 24 hours.


Self-paced resources designed to help you get started today.


Monthly membership for full access to the growing library of courses and resources.

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Podcasts and Projects


unPACKed is an open minded podcast taking a clinical, not political approach to helping pet parents around the world. 

Dog Training Bytes is the interview show where canine professionals share their key takeaways, big a-ha moments, and hardest lessons learned from working with dogs.

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Shop my discounts

This list contains affiliate links. I may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase something through my affiliate link or promo code.



My favorite extra line of defense against nature's nastiest pests.  Spray your clothes, your furniture, your yard, AND your pup!

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Mind Game of the Month

Monthly delivery of an enrichment toy, an active play toy, a long lasting chew, and a full bag of treats.

Save $20 with code FREEDBYTRAINING20


Groove Life

The highest quality silicone ring to wear when working with animals - look closely and you'll see I wear mine every single day!

Save 10% with code FREEDBYTRAINING

Raised Right

The only human grade dog food brand that aligns with my dog's allergies and sensitivities. 

Save 20% with code PETS20

Freed by Training

Mattison Skoog-Simpson (CDBC, CPDT-KA)

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