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The GROWTH Blueprint
for Professional Dog Trainers

Dog Biz Nerd Newsletter


Hey! I'm Mattison. I love running a dog training business and I want to help you love that part of your job, too. Or at the very least, have a strategic plan and SEE the results of the time you're putting in (because I know it's frustrating when you aren't). 

Mattison Skoog-Simpson
B.S. Advertising, CPDT-KA, CDBC


This newsletter is for you if you're looking for a weekly email from your friendly neighborhood dog nerd (hey, that's me!) with one specific thing you can do to help you reach your business goals in 2024.


read below for one thing you can do to help your business today

Issue #1: Why Visibility Matters Hey Dog People, Welcome to the first newsletter! I want to dive into just one topic with you each week, and leave you with just one thing you can do for your business this week. Today, let's dive into something every dog trainer needs – making sure our businesses shine online. Picture this – you're the first name that pops up when someone searches for dog trainers in your area. It's not about being flashy; it's about letting your expertise shine through, helping more dogs, and their humans. Let's keep it real. We don’t have the marketing budgets to compete on Facebook or Google Ads even if we wanted to. Instead, let’s chat about practical strategies that work – managing reviews like a pro, responding to feedback with grace, showing up on social media, and building partnerships with local businesses. Next week, we're diving into the magic of reviews and the power of social proof. One Thing to Do for Your Biz This Week: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to give your Google Business Profile a little love. Make sure it reflects the amazing trainer you are, and let's make that first page of Google a showcase of your expertise. Your Dog Nerd Friend, Mattison

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