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Dog Biz Nerd Newsletter


Hey! I'm Mattison. I love running a dog training business and I want to help you love that part of your job, too. Or at the very least, have a strategic plan and SEE the results of the time you're putting in (because I know it's frustrating when you aren't). 

Mattison Skoog-Simpson
B.S. Advertising, CPDT-KA, CDBC


This newsletter is for you if you're looking for a weekly email from your friendly neighborhood dog nerd (hey, that's me!) with one specific thing you can do to help you reach your business goals in 2024.


read below for a sample  (and one thing you can do to help your business today!)

Issue #9: How to STAND OUT


Hey Dog People,


You wouldn’t be alone in thinking it must be hard to stand out where there are a lot of dog businesses out there.


And you’re also not wrong in thinking it matters.  


You and your business need to cut through the noise if you want to carve out your place in the market.  


So how do you do that?  It isn’t about being popular, or having celebrity status.


It’s about having something unique.


In marketing, there is a concept called a Unique Selling Proposition, or USP.  What sets you apart?  What makes you different from the other trainers in your community? Why should someone click on your business instead of the next? Or purchase your services, versus your competition?


If you don’t already know what your USP would be, I am going to give you the easiest way in the world to figure out what it is or could be.


Ask yourself two questions:

(WARNING: this might just change everything for your business…)

Do I solve a unique problem?

Do I have a unique solution to a problem?


Hint: you want to be able to answer “yes” to one of those questions to truly stand out in the market.


One Thing to Do for Your Biz This Week:

Sit with those two questions. I mean really sit with them. Think about what life experiences or background you bring to the table that could shape your unique way of delivering transformation to your clients. Somewhere in there is the magic you need for your business to really shine.


Your Dog Nerd Friend,


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