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canine Behavior Mentorship

Enrollment is CLOSED!
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Working with big feeling dogs? In this 8-week advanced Canine Behavior Mentorship, you will:

  • Go deeper into the science behind behavior and dive into changing emotions

  • Learn systems to conduct thorough assessment, evaluate behavior, and provide prognosis

  • Explore case plan development and delivery to provide clear communication to clients.

This program has been approved for 10 CEUs with the CCPDT.
All participants should bring one case to explore (please ask ahead if you'd like one provided).

Course Schedule

Week 1: Understanding Canine Behavior and Emotions, Complex Behavior Problems and Emotional Triggers, Creating Emotional Change

Week 2: Conducting Thorough Intake, Evaluating Behavior and Immediate Management, Providing Prognosis and Realistic Modification Plans

Week 3: Components of Effective Training Plans, Medication in Training, Multi-Dog and Multi-Species Considerations

Week 4: Mock Client Scenarios

Weeks 5-7: Client Mentorship – Case Plan Development, Feedback and 1:1 meeting, Adjusting Approach / Aftercare

Week 8: Canine Body Language Deep Dive and Activities

requirements to apply

  • You have a (mostly) trained dog.  This includes foundational communication like a strong marker system, leash skills, and any reactivity has management in place.

  • You have completed prior education (through a course or self-taught) that covers fundamental learning theory and the humane hierarchy as that will not be covered in this program (please reach out if you need resources to complete this).

  • You are focused on contributing to the mission of the #openmindedapproach.  We are working to prevent dogs entering or returning to shelters by integrating training into communities with tolerance, compassion, and generosity of spirit.

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Hear from graduates of the class of 2023 below!

Canine Behavior Mentorship Application

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Hear from graduates of the program!

The Canine Behavior Mentorship was amazing! I learned so much about behavior & the emotions behind it. Being fairly new to the dog training community, it was so helpful to learn how to do assessments, how to ask the right questions, and how to build a complete training plan. Mattison is extremely knowledgeable about all things behavior, and she’s so good at explaining things in a way everyone can understand! I am so incredibly thankful that I had the opportunity to learn from her!!

Jessica B.   North Carolina

Working with Mattison was a wonderful and enriching experience! She has extensive knowledge and experience regarding various different aspects of working with clients, dogs and running a business.  Her mentorship program is a deep dive into so much useful information, from science, to building comprehensive training plans and learning how to interact with clients - all in a way that supports your personal learning style.  It has been amazing to have had the opportunity to learn so much from her!

Holly D.   Romania

I am really grateful to have been part of the inaugural Freed by Training Behavioral Mentorship program. Throughout the program we were presented with client scenarios and tasked with creating plans to work with the clients dogs. An outcome of the program are viable forms  that can be utilized for the client intake and a template for a comprehensive behavioral plan.My own dog, Emma is “my why” I started to learn how to become a dog trainer and Mattison has gone above and beyond to continue to assist and hone in my training skills. We just had a major breakthrough with a trigger as a direct result of this program.

Lauren S.   Pennsylvania

Jordan H.   Pennsylvania

There are only a handful of times in my life that I have felt truly lucky and coming across this Mentorship Program was one of those times. This program was a perfect fit in my life and for my career right now in canine behavior training.  The course content was well thought-out and structured so that the progression made really good sense and it covered critical topics of canine behavior. I really loved the 1:1 portion of this program! The course Presenter, (Mattison, FreedByTraining) provided direct feedback that was insightful and always spot on. She was also able to encourage me along the way at times when I doubted myself and I learned so much from her and from this Mentorship! Mattison is quite gifted in presenting material through the video platform, is beyond knowledgeable in canine behavior training, is an inspiration and is a true definition of a Mentor. Enough gushing. :) I look forward to learning of future programs offered by Mattison.

Dana H.   Colorado

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