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Training Programs

Not sure where to begin?

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One to one Behavioral Training programs with Mattison.



Discuss your dog and your goals or behavior concerns. Immediate management and program recommendation given. Action plan delivered within 24 hours.

Start here - intake phase


This is the first step to begin a behavioral training program.  You will be sent an in-depth questionnaire followed by a one-week period of daily virtual touchpoints to assess behavior and baseline learning and skills.

Within one week of completing your intake phase, you will receive a training plan that includes an assessment of behavior, immediate management strategies, and an outline of the plan should you choose to move forward with a program. 

Behavioral Training Intake



A one-week intake and assessment period with training plan delivery

Valid for one week

Virtual Programs

$520 - 4 weeks (one dog)

$780 - 6 weeks (two dogs)

This popular life-changing program includes five days a week of virtual training touchpoints.  All communication is done asynchronously (on your own time!) throughout the day, with feedback and homework given DAILY to make frequent adjustments and accelerate progress!

Extended Virtual program

$936 - 12 weeks

If you are looking for the most sustainable program, this is it.  There's a catch: it's hard work. You have to be willing to show up for your dog every day.  This is an accountability program. If you're ready, so am I. 

This is an extended virtual program designed for dogs with moderate to severe behavioral concerns.

Intensive Phase

4 weeks

To partner together and put your case plan into action (while adjusting approach as we go), we will touch base daily (M-F) in our virtual space.

Integration Phase

8 weeks

For four weeks, we will touch base 3 times a week in our virtual space.  Then for four weeks, we will touch base once a week, to prepare you to continue on your journey.

Hybrid Program

Behavior-modification programs. Chester County, PA case-by-case only.


$624 - 4 weeks

This program combines a 3-week period of individual virtual coaching with two, 1 hour private sessions.  The virtual programs covers all the topics you should be fluent in (markers, patterns, how to structure a session, gear conditioning, raising criteria) and teaches your dog critical management skills  (handfeeding, scatters, luring, place, structured play, patience).  The private lessons occur during the 4 weeks, to be determined by the need of the dog (either weeks 1 and 4 or 3 and 4).


$260 (must have completed foundations)

Two, 1 hour sessions for reactivity set ups and other behavior modification work.

All prices listed include a 4% merchant fee.

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