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Elevate your Instagram Presence to Drive Growth and Sustainable Profits in 2024.

Personalized Pet Professional

Instagram Audit

Are you a dedicated pet professional looking to transform your Instagram game? Discover the tools and strategies essential for cultivating a magnetic Instagram presence, increasing your visibility, and attracting your ideal clients in authentic way. No fluff, just results!

What you get:

A personalized in-depth audit of your Instagram Presence with 2-Page Audit Report, Detailed Action Plan, content creation schedule and 20+ minute loom video from Mattison going over the entire report.

What are the topics covered?

What I'll cover in your personalized audit:

⭐ New Keywords to Optimize your Profile

⭐ Branding Suggestions to Boost Professionalism

⭐ Critically Examine Content Strategy


Other things we'll talk about:

🌟 The Key Three of Content and How to Create with Intention

🌟 My Three-Story-Sprint model of showing up on stories

🌟 Vital (but Simple!) Data on Updates to the Algorithm

How does it work?

After you purchase, you will receive an onboarding kit with seven questions about your business, and instructions to capture and submit your key insights.

Your full audit report, action plan, and loom video will be delivered within one week (5 business days) of submitting your onboarding information.


I’m so excited to help you increase your visibility on Instagram!

What Pet Pros are Saying:

I had my audit/strategy call with Mattison this morning and I was immediately impressed, again, by how organized she is. Aside from that, every bit of information was cohesive and helpful. A lot of the points were things I literally never would have thought of or considered. I learned how important the small details are, like color and logo coordination, scheduling, profile layout, and even the ways to properly display stories and reels. She included help with my website and the layout of it, and was great with making sure I knew what parts were already looking good. So far I have already changed my profile picture, layout, logo, did some work on optimizing my colors and fonts, and figured out how to properly create highlights and stories. I’m only at the end of day 1 and my profile looks 10x better. Mattison, working her magic again 🤩

Jordan (@Seeking_Foundations)

It’s hard to see my own content objectively, or from a fresh perspective - Mattison’s Instagram Audit for Pet Professionals gave me exactly that and more! She was able to validate some areas I already knew I struggled with and give me a clear path to improve them, and she pointed out some things I wasn’t even thinking about before that were super simple fixes. I feel refreshed and actually excited about creating content moving forward!

Matilda (@Tilly.The.Trainer)

On my call with Mattison I was given an audit of my creator and my podcast Instagram accounts. After my call with Mattison I understood terminology that I previously had not understood nor knew how to put to use. The action plan she provided gave me insights on how to adapt my profile’s aesthetic and keywords to help attract followers and level up my profile. The Custom Content Creation Schedule she sent will help me prioritize and optimize my time spent creating. I now feel much more confident that I can build a following and create with less stress and feeling more confident about my presentation.

Emily (@Em_LovesDogs & @StraightUpDogTalk)

"I’m loving the audit guide and schedule, and finding that I’m finally understanding and enjoying Instagram."

Not just for Dog Trainers!

Explore the other use cases for this strategic approach to Instagram Growth:

Pet Influencer

Pet products

PEt Podcast

PEtcare Services

Hi there!

My name is Mattison

(and that's Remi!)

And I'm giving away free business advice to Pet Pros.

I love running a dog training business and I want to help you love that part of your job, too. Or at the very least, have a strategic plan and SEE the results of the time you're putting in (because I know it's frustrating when you aren't). 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are you going to teach me?
A: I'm going to teach you the important elements of an Instagram profile and growth strategy (including branding, content, and engagement). I'm also going to teach you specifically what actions will increase your visibility on Instagram AND my favorite time-saving strategies to producing content quickly and feeling really good about the time you spend on the platform.

Q: How will this audit help my Instagram reach?

A:  You should walk away with a TON of action items to take (but don't be overwhelmed by that! I'll make it clear what your priority should be). I'll give you a suggested new "Bio" section that's optimized for SEO (so you will show to the right people in searches) and attractive to hook a new audience member within seconds.  If you take the detailed Action Plan and stick to your new Custom Content Creation Schedule, the reach from your content should start to increase within 30 days (but probably much sooner!)

Q: How will this Instagram Growth Strategy impact my business profits?

A:  What we're strategizing here in the audit is growth - how can you bring more people to you, be SEEN by more potential clients? If you need help creating a conversion strategy to turn your audience into paying clients, reach out to schedule a 1:1 strategy call and I'll build a plan tailored to your current business goals.

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