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The Dog Biz Nerd

Hey! I'm Mattison. I love running a dog training business and I want to help you love that part of your job, too. Or at the very least, have a strategic plan so you can SEE the results of the time you're putting in (because I know it's frustrating when you can't). 

Mattison Skoog-Simpson
B.S. Advertising, CPDT-KA, CDBC
Owner Freed by Training LLC


Need personalized help?

40 Minute Strategy Session and Action Plan to get on track and reach your goals this year! (Open!)

During this 40 minute strategy session, we will discuss your goals and struggles with your business. We will also evaluate and discuss things such as: your business and offer structure, your current and ideal client base, your current lead strategy, your community and online presence, and areas with opportunities for improvement. I will give a recommendation for a path forward, and give immediately-actionable advice. 
*Note: I know the description says 30 minutes, but our meeting will last a full 40 minutes! 

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Hey, I'm Mattison

A multi-certified dog trainer and behavior consultant with an education in Advertising and a background in Strategy. I also run a successful dog training business (Freed by Training LLC est. 2020) and get to do a ton of amazing projects within the dog training and petcare industries.

Everything here is designed to help you with your dog training business or education.  Whether you’re just getting started taking clients or you have an established client base and large following, stick around because there's something here for you.  Keep scrolling to find out what steps you can take today to create more sustainable income without compromising on your values or dumping hours a day into social media.

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for Professionals


G.R.O.W.T.H. Bluprint

The GROWTH Blueprint is a marketing program for pet professionals.  If you're a dog trainer or dog business owner and you want consistent client leads - I'm handing over my exact playbook to make that happen.  This program combines next-level curriculum with live coaching and support.  


UNLEASH Your visbility

In this FREE Marketing Masterclass I'm going to walk through my lead generation strategy: The Triple Channel System. If you've been looking for a way to use organic marketing in your dog business, this class is for you. Come ready to take notes and copy/paste this into your business!


Canine Behavior Mentorship

Working with big feeling dogs? In this 8-week advanced Canine Behavior Mentorship, you will:

-Go deeper into the science behind behavior and dive into changing emotions

-Learn systems to conduct thorough assessment, evaluate behavior, and provide prognosis

-Explore case plan development and delivery to provide clear communication to clients.

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understand your growth

What you get in your personalized audit:

⭐ New Keywords and Optimized Bio

⭐ Detailed Action Plan to increase visibility

⭐ Custom Content Strategy and Schedule!

Are you a dedicated pet professional looking to transform your Instagram game? Discover the tools and strategies essential for cultivating a magnetic Instagram presence, increasing your visibility, and attracting your ideal clients in authentic way. No fluff, just results!

Listen to my podcasts


unPACKed is an open minded podcast taking a clinical, not political approach to helping pet parents around the world. 

Dog Training Bytes is the interview show where canine professionals share their key takeaways, big a-ha moments, and hardest lessons learned from working with dogs.

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Mattison Skoog-Simpson (CDBC, CPDT-KA)

Freed by Training

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