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Forget  the overwhelming emotions of planning your dog training journey:

Simply and quickly break your goals down into an actionable one-month calendar!


Goal Setting Planner

The Ultimate Dog Owner
helps you identify a prioritized goal, match it to fundamental dog training skills, break the goal into actionable drills, and build your personalized one-month daily calendar.

If you want to:


Identify a prioritized goal to be focused on for the next month


Make sure you're headed in the right direction with your training


Set weekly milestones and follow a simple training schedule


Be prepared by planning out an entire month ahead of training with your dog towards your goal

But you don't want to:


Get too bogged by down a long list of issues or goals


Spend time teaching skills that won’t work towards your goal


Suffer from task paralysis because you don't know how to start


Lose motivation along the journey to achieving your goals

And you don't know how to:


Narrow your goals and issues into a focused plan with a road map for success


Match your goal to a fundamental dog training skill


Design training sessions that are productive but don't overwhelm you or your dog


Define the daily tasks needed to take real steps forward towards your goal

If this sounds familiar

and all you want is a clear, proven process, tailored to your needs and specific situation without getting overwhelmed by task paralysis or paying a ridiculous amount of money to send your dog away for training...

Then this is for you.


Goal Setting Planner

The Ultimate Dog Owner
25 Pages!.png

Here's exactly what you'll get:

Naming Goals and Issues
Prioritizing Goals
Focusing Goals

step 1. Goal Setting


step 2. The breakdown

Identify Core Component
Match to Fundamental Skill
Break Goal into Milestones


step 3. fundamental skill

Free Shaping Activities
Labeling Cues
Apply Cues
Scheduling Training Plans
Raising Criteria

Weekly and Month Calendar

step 4. the month ahead

Plan for the year ahead!

Goal Setting calendar

The 2023 Dog Owner
December 2022 Included!

Hi there!

My name is Mattison

(and that's Remi!)

I help dog owners everywhere build a better relationship with their dog based on trust and communication, while also working towards obedience goals or addressing behavioral issues.  My most impactful program is a revolutionary program of  daily virtual 1:1 coaching. 


Graduates of the program from all over spend 4 weeks with me learning fundamental skills and receiving daily feedback on their training sessions. 

Designed for reactive dogs, effective for all dogs.  Take the guesswork out of how to tackle your goal by partnering with me!

Ready to level up your handling skills and blast past your plateau with your dog? Click below to schedule a free phone consultation.

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No time to waste? Ready to take action today?  Click below to take control of tomorrow! In a 30 minute video call with me, we will take a deep dive on your goals and issues and determine a training path as unique as your canine companion. 

Virtual Evaluation

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this planner replace the need for a professional dog trainer?

A:  No. If you are experiencing behavioral issues with your dog, you should definitely consult with a professional before you begin.  This planner will be an excellent supplement to your work with a trainer.  For many working towards obedience goals, this planner can help bridge the gap between your existing knowledge and what actions you should take to get there!

Q: Do you recommend going through 2 planners separately for my doggies, or should I find a common thing to work on both doggies at once?

A:  That's up to you! Focusing on one provides a clearer path forward, but there may not be an obvious goal for both dogs to tackle at the same time. So you could either focus on just one pup for the month, and then your other dog the next month. Or, if you feel you can double the time commitment, go for a unique goal for each dog.

Q: I've been working on reactivity with a trainer. Can I expand on that using this planner?

A:  If you have an understanding of reactivity, which is not covered in this planner, then you can definitely use the planner to work towards your reactivity related goals! Just make sure you are breaking them up into appropriate milestones to not push your pup past threshold.

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