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Conditioning a muzzle shouldn't be rushed...

but it shouldn't be difficult, either!

Follow along three simple steps in the

$5 Muzzle Conditioning Course

Learn about the importance of  agency (that means they will tell you when they're ready to wear the muzzle!) 
Desensitize your dog to the sounds and sensations of the muzzled experience in an isolated and gradual way.  
Build duration based on your dog's pace, and perform consent checks to give them the chance to opt out!

a cooperative approach to muzzle conditioning


Brand new phase 4 just dropped!

Hi there!

My name is Mattison

(and that's Remi!)

I help dog owners everywhere build a better relationship with their dog based on trust and communication, while also working towards obedience goals or addressing behavioral issues.  My most impactful program is a revolutionary program of  daily virtual 1:1 coaching. 


Graduates of the program from all over spend 4 weeks with me learning fundamental skills and receiving daily feedback on their training sessions. 

Designed for reactive dogs, effective for all dogs.  Take the guesswork out of how to tackle your goal by partnering with me!

Ready to level up your handling skills and blast past your plateau with your dog? Click below to schedule a free phone consultation.

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No time to waste? Ready to take action today?  Click below to take control of tomorrow! In a 30 minute video call with me, we will take a deep dive on your goals and issues and determine a training path as unique as your canine companion. 

Virtual Evaluation

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