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Coming Soon - June 2024!

Camp Cooperative Care

Create Communication and Comfort with your Canine Companion around Basic Home Grooming Routines

Live 10 Week Program - Lifetime access to detailed lessons and frameworks AND submit videos for feedback along the way!

You're on the list!


What is covered in the program?

You will learn my Four-Step Method to Canine Cooperative Care and how to apply it to SEVEN basic home grooming routines in this 10 week live program.

You'll also get to submit one video for feedback every week during the program.

What grooming routines will the program cover?

1. Body Handling

2. Brushing

3. Nail Trimming

4. Nail Grinding

5. Nail Filing

6. Bathing

7. Hair Trimming

Instructed by: 
Mattison Skoog-Simpson

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